About Fine Art


T Scott Stromberg is a modernist artist who explores color, process, and theory. His work is often a continuation in the study of abstract expressionism, cubism, and folk art that has a primary foundation in the exploration and balance of “Visual Noise”.

Visual Noise is a self-created theory that all the patterns of life and art eventually self-correct and return to balance. Through the exploration of color, pattern, and intuitive gestures, T Scott’s artwork pursues clarity, storytelling, and balance. His subjects often involve the exploration of Jazz (Water), Landscape (Earth), Belief (Air), and Abstraction (Fire).

T Scott is a Design Principal for Digital & Analytics a division of HCL America. His focus is on Enterprise Software Development, User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Big Data and discovering thoughtful ways of blending them together to create successful solutions for his clients.

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