Art Seen Tour 2016

It’s been a beautiful weekend for “art fair’n”. I always love showing art in Misty’s backyard. Her Fresh Paint Studio is a jewel of the Frisco art scene. I think this is the 5th year I have been participating in the Art Seen Tour and Misty’s backyard is magical. If there are fairies or art gnomes they surely live in her backyard.

My new work is a study in action painting and deconstruction. While there are new pieces which are predominately action painting; there are also a collection of pieces which I refer to as “Repurposed”. These pieces consist of earlier works that I use action painting techniques to cover up. Thus, just like the erased drawings done by Robert Rauschenberg, I am trying to erase and rebuild upon earlier work both physically and symbolically.

If you haven’t visited the then it’s not too late. Turn off that Cowboy game and get yourself out and supportĀ some of the awesome local artists in Frisco. Art, sun, and a beautiful breeze.

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